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School speech services ending for the summer?

Not getting enough speech during the school year?

Didn't qualify for school speech?

Still stuck on S or R?

We can help!


Summer Speech Camps offers speech-language therapy for speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, and social and language enrichment for kindergarten readiness.

Our "intensive" approach means we meet 2-3 hours a week over multiple days rather than the traditional 30-45 minutes once each week. More frequent practice with a speech-language pathologist is important when trying to establish new muscle memory to produce speech. Limiting the amount of time between sessions makes it easier for campers to remember what was learned in the last visit and it helps us catch and correct any errors being made during practice at home more quickly. 

Camps are broken up into 2-week segments as a matter of convenience to accommodate summer travel plans. We strongly recommend registering for at least 3-4 camp sessions (total 6-8 weeks) to achieve the best outcomes. If registering for only one 2-week session, we encourage you to schedule weekly 45-minute individual treatment sessions either leading up to or following your child's scheduled camp session. 

The following is required to participate:

1. Current speech goals from most recent IEP, speech-language evaluation, or progress report.

2. A 10-minute video visit to confirm appropriate camp and group placement. 

3. All forms completed and submitted.

Be sure to read our Summer Speech Camps policies for all the details.


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​​​The atmosphere is fun but the speech work is real! Camp Talkalata is a great opportunity for kids to continue working on their speech sounds during the school summer break or to increase the amount of treatment for those who might benefit from an intensive approach. One-on-one support is available to ensure sounds are made accurately while group activities give campers an opportunity to practice speech in conversations with peers. Our concentrated schedule gives campers that extra boost needed to take on their stubborn sounds. Campers meet for one hour 2 days a week. ​This is a group camp with  a maximum of 4 participants per group. 

Our younger camp is for ages 5-8 and our older camp is ages 7-11. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis following your child's video visit.

Nailed It S R heading .png

Still working on S and R sounds? Nailed It! S & R Speech Sound Camp can help! This camp is perfect for kids who have been working on S or R for awhile but need a rigorous approach to get there. Our intensive 3 days a week schedule means kids can pick up where they left off just 2 days earlier, and if they're practicing incorrectly at home, we don't have to wait a whole week to correct it. Certain aspects of these sounds will be taught as a group but one-on-one support ensures each camper is producing sounds accurately. Peers will work together and play together to make camp fun and productive. Campers meet for one hour 3 days a week. ​This is a group camp with  a maximum of 4 participants per group. 

Our younger camp is for ages 5-8 and our older camp is ages 7-11. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis following your child's video visit. 

Both S and R speech sounds will be addressed in both the older and younger groups but some of our younger campers will not be developmentally ready to work on R. Each camper will be allowed to work at their own pace, even in the group setting.

Apraxia Treatment (AT) Camp offers an intensive treatment approach to children with a confirmed diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Your camper will meet for 30 minutes 4 days a week for individual, one-on-one intervention to improve control of the mouth's movements during speech. Treatment methods include DTTC and PROMPT; these treatment techniques are based on Principles of Motor Learning (PML) which provide an abundance of repetitive practice as well as opportunities to use words and phrases in a natural context. This is an individual camp - no group opportunities are available. 

Soon-to-be kindergarteners will have loads of fun learning skills that are essential to being independent in kindergarten: following directions, asking for help, talking to and playing with peers, and thinking through a problem. We use fun group activities including rule-based games, imaginative play, crafts, music, and books to address weekly themes like Taking Turns & Losing Like a Winner; All the Ways to Say 'Yeah, I'm Not Cool with That';  Managing My Lunch and Backpack; and Stop! Hey, What's that Sound? just to name a few. Different than our speech-based camps, KinderJAM is a social and language enrichment program that meets for 2-1/2 hours once a week. This is a group camp with a maximum of 5 participants per group.

We're not like Safety Town! 

Our focus is language, interactions, and phonological awareness heading into kindergarten.

All campers must be enrolled in kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year!

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Individual Speech-Language Therapy

Not looking for group services? Individual 45-minute speech-language therapy sessions will continue to be available throughout the summer. These are typically scheduled 1-2 times per week, depending on the child's communication needs. Please refer to our SERVICES page to schedule a brief phone consultation to get started.

We believe in the benefits of increasing a child's access to quality speech therapy so we are offering each additional session at a reduced rate. 
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MON - WED..........11:30-12:30 (ages 7-11)

TUES - THURS...8:30-9:30 (ages 5-8)


MON - WED - FRI...8:30 - 9:30
MON - WED - FRI...1:00 - 2:00


1 session...........$400
2 sessions........$750
3 sessions........$1,100
4 sessions........$1,450


1 session...........$600
2 sessions........$1,150
3 sessions........$1,650
4 sessions........$2,150


M - TU - W - TH.....1:30-2:00

M - TU - W - TH.....2:00-2:30

M - TU - W - TH.....2:30-3:00

M - TU - W - TH.....3:00-3:30


1 session......$800
2 sessions...$1,500
3 sessions...$2,200
4 sessions...$2,800


TUESDAY...10:00 - 12:30


1 session......$500
2 sessions...$950
3 sessions...$1,400
4 sessions...$1,800

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Individual Speech-Language Therapy


45-minute individual
treatment session...........$130


75-minute evaluation
of speech only................$300

90-minute evaluation
of speech & language...$350


At the moment, we are not accepting registration for our 2024 Summer Camps. However, you can add your child to our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as a spot becomes available.

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