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All evaluations and treatment sessions require a phone consultation prior to scheduling. To request more information, go to CONTACT and complete the form to send an email.

Phone Consultation

10-15 minutes

If you think you or a family member might benefit from speech, language, or voice therapy, the first step is to schedule a brief phone consultation. Based on the information you share, we will decide whether to schedule an evaluation. If a speech, language, or voice evaluation is not appropriate at this time, we will offer recommendations to get you on the right path.

Initial Evaluation of Speech Sound Production and Language

60-90 minutes

The speech and language evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of the ability to understand what others say, to share our own thoughts and ideas with others, to recognize and use gestures or facial expressions socially, and the ability to produce speech sounds in words or sentences that others can understand.  

Initial Evaluation of Speech Sound Production 

60-75 minutes


The speech sound evaluation focuses primarily on the ability to produce speech sounds in words or sentences that others can understand. It is an in-depth assessment of the oral-facial structures (jaw, tongue, lips, cheeks, palate) and how it functions during speech and for non-speaking tasks. 

NOTE: Children must be at least 5 yrs old for this evaluation. Younger than 5 will need a comprehensive speech and language evaluation. 

Initial Behavioral & Qualitative Evaluation of Voice & Resonance 

60-90 minutes


This assessment of voice and resonance looks at the ability to produce clear voicing with appropriate resonance in various speaking situations. It is intended for persons with cleft palate, velopharyngeal dysfunction, degenerative neurological disorders, vocal nodules, and other voicing disorders. It is also intended for persons diagnosed with Exercise-Induced Laryngeal Obstruction.

NOTE: Because changes in the voice can be indicative of other health concerns, all Voice-Resonance Evaluations are required to schedule an evaluation with an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat or Otolaryngologist) for direct examination of the airway.

Individual Treatment of Speech, Language, Voice

45 minutes


Individual treatment sessions are approximately 40-45 minutes 1-2x per week, depending on the communication goals of the individual receiving treatment. Consistent attendance and completing home exercise programs lead to improved therapy outcomes and are required to continue therapy. 

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